In Game Economy: vCADE


A core aspect of CrypCade City's GameFi ecosystem is the implementation of an in game economy - vCADE. This in game economy can be earned by completing daily tasks and interacting within the ecosystem. vCADE can be used to purchase in-game assets and interact within the metaverse. CrypCade City's vibrant in-game economy is powered by an exclusive digital currency, vCADE, which enables users to purchase an array of virtual assets, consumables, and services, adding depth and personalization to their Metaverse experience. This dynamic economy, designed to resemble a sims-like gamification, offers a multitude of customization options and enhancements, allowing users to create a unique and engaging virtual world.

In-game assets and consumables include:

  • Vehicles: Users can buy various types of vehicles like cars, bikes, boats, and flying vehicles to navigate the Metaverse with style and speed. Each vehicle may have unique attributes and customization options.

  • Characters: Players can acquire diverse avatars, each with distinct appearances, skills, and abilities, allowing for a personalized gaming experience.

  • Special Items: These unique items, such as limited edition collectibles, event-based rewards, or rare artifacts, can be obtained to showcase one's achievements or enhance the in-game experience.

  • Weapons: A wide range of weaponry, from melee weapons to futuristic firearms, is available for purchase to equip characters for various combat scenarios or quests.

  • Accessories: Users can buy accessories like clothing, hairstyles, and wearable gadgets to customize their avatars and stand out in the Metaverse.

  • Depletable Assets: Items like fuel, ammunition, or raw materials can be bought to maintain and upgrade vehicles, weapons, or other assets within the game.

  • Top-ups: Consumables such as stamina drinks, health potions, or experience boosters can be purchased to improve character performance during gameplay.

vCADE Packages:

To engage users and facilitate in-game purchases, CrypCade City offers a variety of vCADE packages at different price points. These packages grant players various amounts of vCADE, enabling them to acquire in-game assets and consumables as per their preferences and play style.

  1. Small vCade box - $4.99: Ideal for new users or those who want to make minor in-game purchases, such as basic accessories or consumables.

  2. Medium vCade box - $9.99: Suitable for users who want to acquire mid-tier assets like advanced vehicles or unique avatars with special abilities.

  3. Large vCade box - $14.99: Designed for players who wish to invest in high-quality assets, rare collectibles, or a combination of items to enhance their gaming experience.

  4. Huge vCade box - $29.99: Perfect for dedicated players aiming to make significant in-game purchases, like customizing their virtual space or assembling a powerful arsenal of weapons and gear.

  5. Extreme vCade box - $49.99: Tailored for users seeking the ultimate Metaverse experience, providing ample currency to acquire top-tier assets, exclusive items, or participate in high-stakes in-game events.

The CrypCade City in-game economy creates an immersive and interactive environment, encouraging users to explore, customize, and engage within the Metaverse. By offering diverse vCADE packages, users can choose the appropriate amount of in-game currency to suit their needs, enabling them to create a unique and captivating experience within CrypCade City.

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