Revenue Streams

CrypCade City's Business Integration and Advertising pillars serve as key revenue drivers for the project. By offering customizable spaces for businesses and projects and providing innovative advertising opportunities, CrypCade City generates a steady income stream that can be reinvested into the platform's development and expansion.

CrypCade City is redefining the metaverse landscape by combining the power of blockchain technology with the immersive capabilities of virtual worlds. The project's four pillars - GameFi, SocialFi, Business Integration, and Advertising - work synergistically to create a cross-collaborative environment that connects businesses, projects, and users from various metaverse ecosystems. By cultivating a diverse and interconnected MultiMetaVerse, CrypCade City is paving the way for a new era of digital experiences, innovation, and growth.

Commercial Office Space Rentals

CrypCade City's commercial office space rentals provide businesses with a cost-effective and flexible solution to establish their virtual presence within the metaverse. The platform offers three different sizes of office spaces – small, medium, and large – catering to the varying needs and budgets of businesses and projects.

Pricing examples for the office spaces is as follows:

Small: $30 USD per month

Medium: $50 USD per month

Large: $75 USD per month

These affordable pricing tiers enable businesses to rent office spaces in CrypCade City without incurring significant overhead costs. The flexible rental options also allow businesses to scale their virtual presence as they grow and expand within the metaverse.

To illustrate the potential revenue generated by CrypCade City through office space rentals, let's consider three scenarios based on the number of Commercial Office Spaces (COS) that are being rented:

100 COS:

30 users renting small offices: 30 x $30 = $900 per month

20 users renting medium offices: 20 x $50 = $1,000 per month

10 users renting large offices: 10 x $75 = $750 per month

Total revenue: $2,650 per month

1,000 COS:

300 users renting small offices: 300 x $30 = $9,000 per month

200 users renting medium offices: 200 x $50 = $10,000 per month

100 users renting large offices: 100 x $75 = $7,500 per month

Total revenue: $26,500 per month

2,000 COS:

600 users renting small offices: 600 x $30 = $18,000 per month

400 users renting medium offices: 400 x $50 = $20,000 per month

200 users renting large offices: 200 x $75 = $15,000 per month

Total revenue: $53,000 per month

These examples demonstrate that as CrypCade City's user base grows, the potential revenue generated from office space rentals increases significantly. By offering a range of office sizes and pricing options, CrypCade City attracts businesses of various sizes and industries, fostering a diverse and vibrant business community within the metaverse.

Overall summary of the revenue projections:

Custom Building Creation:

This is dependant on the amount of buildings in each Tier and will be one off payments: Basic: $2,500 USD Standard: $5,500 USD Premium: $8,500 USD Custom: $10,000 USD - $30,000 USD Virtual Commerce & Marketplaces: (weekly)

1,000 DAU: $12,000 (weekly) 2,500 DAU: $30,000 (weekly) 5,000 DAU: $60,000 (weekly)

Commercial Office Space Rentals (monthly):

100 COS: $6,800 (monthly) 250 COS: $17,000 (monthly) 500 COS: $34,000 (monthly)

Advertising: (weekly) Daily Active Advertisers

100 DAA: $1,700 (daily) / $10,200 (weekly) 250 DAA: $4,250 (daily) / $25,500 (weekly) 500 DAA: $8,500 (daily) / $51,000 (weekly)

These exmaple revenue projections demonstrate the potential for significant earnings through CrypCade City's various services and offerings. As the user base of CrypCade City grows, the demand for services like custom building creation, virtual commerce, office space rentals, and advertising is likely to increase, contributing to higher revenue generation from these aspects of the platform.

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